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Social Behaviour

Meeting Strangers: Handshaking is most appropriate(both for males and females). If meeting more than once a day, it is customary to shke hands at each meeting.(This may vary between religions. If in doubt it is always alright to ask). Elders: It is polite to shake both of elder's hands. Friends Kiss three times on opposite cheeks. Treatment of Visitors: Hospitability and respectful behaviour is highly valued. In Ethiopia everyone is part of a community, and people are always meeting for coffee and a chat. Ethiopia in general is a beautiful country hardworking people, hospitable, friendly and with a great deal of history, including a long christian tradition. Closest neighbouring people get together for a coffee, at least once a day. A different varieties of fried chick-peas, pop-corn, or bread, etc., are served in Mesob (a plate-like stuff made of grass with round bottom) along with coffee.


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