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Language: Of the 70 or more languages spoken in Ethiopia, most belong to the Semitic and Cushitic branches of the Afro-Asiatic family. The language of the Ethiopian church liturgy, Geez, gave rise to the Semitic cluster of languages, Amharic,Oromo, Tigrinya, and Tigre. Amharic, the official language of the country, is spoken by about 60% of the population. English and Arabic also are spoken by many people.

Basic words and phrases for your Travel purpose
Ethiopian Words/Phrases with female gender Ethiopian Words/Phrases with male gender Words in English
Anchi Ante You
Ene Ene I
Esu He
Esua She
Konjo for female Melke-melkam for male Beautiful/handsome
Nech Naw IS (usesd as a verb)
Esua konjo nech Esu melkemelkam naw. for male She is beautiful/he is handsome
Anchi konjo nesh Ante melkemelkam neh. for male You are beautiful/you are handsome
Afekrish-alehu Afekrhalehu. for male I Love You
Endemin adersh for female Endemin aderk for male Good morning
Endemin walsh for female Endemin walu/wa-lk for male Good afternoon
Endemin amesheish for female Endemin amesheh for male Good evening
Endemin Senebetish for female Endemin senebetk for male How are you?
Melkam ken Melkam ken Have a nice day
Ameseginishalu for female Ameseginalhu for all gender Thank you
Dehnahugne for female Dehanhun for male Good bye
Beyegizew safilign Beyegizew safilign Keep-in touch
Yagerishn mestengido wededkut for female Yagerhin mestengido wededkut for male I enjoyed your hospitality

Other Common Words
Amharic Phrases English
Hisan Baby/Infants
Lij boy
Liga(Lija)-gered Girl
Wend Man
Set Women
Shimagle Old man/women
Ato Mr.
Wizero Ms.
Wizerit Miss.
Ebakish Please
Ebakih Please for male
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