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Lake Tana

Lake Tana, located, W Ethiopia. The largest in the country, covering about 2156 sq km (about 1219 sq mi). It is on the N central plateau of Amhara in the Ethiopian highlands, near Gondar. Lake Tana is located about 1824 m (about 6000 ft) above sea level. About 85 km (about 53 mi) long and 65 km (41 mi) wide, the lake reaches a depth of about 15 m (about 50 ft). About 50 streams, the largest of which is the Little Abbai, or Upper Nile, flow into the lake. The outlet of Lake Tana, at its SE corner, forms a bay about 17 km (about 11 mi) long and 12 km (8 mi) wide. From this bay issues the Abbai, or Blue Nile. The lake contains many small islands. Fish are caught by inhabitants of the several towns that lie along its shore. Chief of these towns are Bahir Dar in the S and Gorgora in the N, once the capital of the 16th- and 17th-century Abyssinian kings.

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