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Gender Issues

In Ethiopia , men and women have more defined roles. Traditionally, men are responsible for providing for the family and handling family contact with the world outside the home. Women clean the house and take care of the children. In most cases tasks are mainly carried out separately, e.g., women will do the shoping on their own. However, education levels and professional attainment of women wil vary from province to province, and between cultural groups. Education is mainly dependent on proximity to towns or cities, class, economic situation and cultural and local norms. In cases of occupation women take secretarial, typing or nursing, etc., jobsof the areas where they in most trained for while, men take managerial, clerical, engineering or mechanical, etc., jobs. It is usual for young males to be given more freedom than females. Parents tend to be stricter with females. For example, females are not permitted to drink alcohol, depending on relegion, ethnicity, tradition, class, education level, location, i.e., city/country.


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