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Ethiopian food is based on a staple grain called TEFF which only grows in Ethiopia. Teff is made into a dough which is allowed to ferment before it is cooked into a flat pancake-like thin broad-bread called Injera. This is then eaten with various kinds of stew called Wot. Wots can be made of meat, vegetables, peas, lentils, etc., and can be very highly spiced. Doro Wot, a stew of chicken marinated chili, spices, butter and hardboiled eggs, which is eaten with Injera - a traditional Ethiopian bread - is the most popular one. It is a custom for Orthodox Christians and Muslims not to eat pork. The following are some of the many varities of Ethiopian dishes. Injera is compulsory that wots cannot be eaten alone. These dishes can be served both at a meal or Enjera with one of the Wots.


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