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Education: has expanded considerably since 1952, when only 4% of the adult population was literate. Since then, many schools have been opened, and several teacher-training schools have graduated numerous teachers. A major program to increase literacy was started in 1979; by the mid-1980s about 63% of the adult population could read and write. Free education exists from primary school through the college level, but regular school facilities are available only to about one-third of the children of school age. In the mid-1980s about 3.1 million students attended about 9100 primary and secondary schools run by the government and religious groups. Addis Ababa University (1950) has branches in Awassa, Bahir Dar, Debra Zeit, and Gondar. Other institutions of higher education include the University of Asmara (1958) and Alemaya University of Agriculture (1962). More than 20,000 students were enrolled in colleges and universities in the late 1980s.

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Basic words and phrases for your Travel purpose
Ethiopian Words/Phrases with female gender Ethiopian Words/Phrases with male gender Words in English
Anchi Ante You
Ene Ene I
Esu He
Esua She
Konjo for female Melke-melkam for male Beautiful/handsome
Nech Naw IS (usesd as a verb)
Esua konjo nech Esu melkemelkam naw. for male She is beautiful/he is handsome
Anchi konjo nesh Ante melkemelkam neh. for male You are beautiful/you are handsome
Afekrish-alehu Afekrhalehu. for male I Love You
Endemin adersh for female Endemin aderk for male Good morning
Endemin walsh for female Endemin walu/wa-lk for male Good afternoon
Endemin amesheish for female Endemin amesheh for male Good evening
Endemin Senebetish for female Endemin senebetk for male How are you?
Melkam ken Melkam ken Have a nice day
Ameseginishalu for female Ameseginalhu for all gender Thank you
Dehnahugne for female Dehanhun for male Good bye
Beyegizew safilign Beyegizew safilign Keep-in touch
Yagerishn mestengido wededkut for female Yagerhin mestengido wededkut for male I enjoyed your hospitality

Other Common Words
Amharic Phrases English
Hisan Baby/Infants
Lij boy
Liga(Lija)-gered Girl
Wend Man
Set Women
Shimagle Old man/women
Ato Mr.
Wizero Ms.
Wizerit Miss.
Ebakish Please
Ebakih Please for male
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